Shiatsu and Holistic Therapies in Bristol

Holistic Therapies

Holistic comes form the the word ‘Holism’. 

This refers to the idea that natural systems and their properties, should be viewed as ‘wholes’ not as a collection of parts.

The ‘whole’ is regarded as greater than the sum of its parts; and those parts can not exist separately.

Holistic approaches focus on the whole person (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional elements) rather than just on the illness or dis-ease within the body.

All treatments offered are holistic.


A form of healing developed in Japan which uses universal energy and is very relaxing. This is also great for anxiety and stress, and can be done in person either ‘on’ or ‘off’ the body, but also can be sent remotely using distance healing.

Reiki works extremely well on animals too.


An Holistic therapy that works with the ‘reflex’ zones on the feet for overall health and well being. Very relaxing and therapeutic. This treatment works the whole body and is able to restore balance and well being.

Stress management:

Indian Head Massage- a great remedy for anxiety.

Learn mindfulness techniques and breath work for some practical tools and tips to help manage day to day stress and anxiety


A form of holistic massage with aromatherapy oils; a deeply relaxing treatment. A perfect antidote to the tension, and the stresses of modern life.


Holistic therapies per hour £55 (including consultation)

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