Elaines Shiatsu and Holistic Therapies, available in Bristol and London


Shiatsu is a natural healing therapy developed in Japan. It is an holistic and relational therapy, which can be used to help with many issues including those related to emotional, mental and physical health.

Shiatsu roots date back to Traditional Chinese Medicine, developed in the East 1000’s of years ago, and uses the traditional 5 elements system. In the Japanese language, “Shiatsu” literally means “finger pressure”, although it the the relational quality of the touch that has been developed for treatments.

Shiatsu uses touch in a conversational way with the receiver, to work holistically with the body ensuring that the receiver gets what they need from the treatment.
It is a powerful, non-invasive, form of healing that works intuitively with the body.

Shiatsu incorporates ‘listening’ to both the verbal and non-verbal, and then responding with the use of  stretches, holding, manipulation to achieve what is required by the receiver. The treatment takes place on a futon mat on the floor; the receiver remains clothed and it is recommended they wear loose clothing such as jogging bottoms and comfortable top.


Shiatsu per hour £60

Block bookings: Book 6 treatments together and get them discounted to £50 each!

Please do not hesitate to contact me to find out more about my Shiatsu services and to book an appointment. Do call and speak to me if you have any questions or queries.